Dentures & Partials in East Brainerd, TN

a couple smiles | east brainerd tn dentures dentistDentures are a removable piece of hardware used to replace some or all of your missing teeth. If all of your teeth are missing or need to be removed, you will be given a full set of dentures. However, if you are missing a few teeth, then partials can possibly be a great option for you.


Types of Partial Dentures:

  • Full Cast Partial Dentures are partials with a metal foundation and metal clasps.  This partials are extremely durable and stable. 
  • Duraflex Partial Dentures are nylon based partials with no metals.  These partials have similar gum tissue color clasps, which hooks on your teeth, that are more esthetically pleasing in comparison to cast partials.


Types of Full Dentures

Generally speaking, dentures come in two standard types:

  • Conventional dentures are not fitted until after the gums and jaw have completely healed from the extraction of your teeth. This can take up to six weeks, and during this period, you will not have any teeth.  With conventional dentures, this will take anywhere from 3-5 appointments to help fabricate the dentures.  The great part of fabricating a conventional denture is you will have the final approval of the teeth that are being used for your dentures before the denture is processed.
  • Immediate dentures are fitted before your teeth are extracted and can be worn immediately.  Immediate dentures will require several more adjustments than conventional dentures, as the shape of your jaw and gums will change during the healing process. The dentures will need to be relined with a soft reline to have a better fit as the healing process continues.  Once the healing is complete, then the denture will need to have a hard reline for stability.  These types of dentures have the advantage of immediately restoring your teeth after the extraction.  It also decreases postoperative discomfort since the denture helps keep the tissue from swelling considerably.

Partial dentures can be used when only some of your teeth need to be removed. Partials function similarly to a bridge but are removable.

a dentist crafts a denture | dentures dentist east brainerd tnAdjusting to Dentures

Studies have shown it may take approximately 2-6 weeks for your mouth to acclimate with your new prosthesis.  The key is to continue to practice wearing them.  There will be at times especially in the beginning phase the dentures will need adjustments.  If adjustments are required, we will find spots that need to be reshaped on the inside surface of the denture to eliminate the discomfort or irritation.  Dentures are NOT meant to be worn 24/7.  It is imperative to take them out when you sleep and allow your gums to rest for approximately 8hrs/day.

Even though dentures are not the teeth you use to have, you will still want to care for them as if they were. Brush your dentures to remove food particles before removing them. You will need to place your dentures into warm water or a denture cleaning solution as soon as you remove them from your mouth.  Avoid hot water, because this can warp dentures, so please be careful!


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