Root Canal Therapy in Chattanooga, TN

a woman holds her hand to her mouth | Chattanooga root canal dentistRoot canals are not to be feared anymore.  We employ sufficient anesthetization techniques to minimize the chances of feeling anything during the root canal treatment!

Root Canal Therapy

The root canal is the area of the tooth that houses the pulp and the nerve of the tooth.  In this pathway(the canal), the tooth may become infected.  When this happens, not only is the tooth extremely painful and sensitive, but the infection can also spread to other areas of the mouth and to other teeth. The most effective way to treat this infection is through root canal therapy.

Once the anesthetic takes hold and you are completely numb, your dentist access the canal through the top portion of the tooth. Working through the pathway, your dentist will clear away the infected material along with the pulp and any other debris. The interior of the tooth will be thoroughly cleaned out to make sure that no infection is left.  Sometimes, a root canal will need to be completed in two separate appointments with having medication placed in the canal in between appointments to help eliminate the harboring bacteria.

Your tooth will then be filled with filling material, and a cap or crown will be placed. This is necessary because the structure of the tooth will be weakened, and a restoration will protect the tooth from breakage and allow you to chew comfortably.

a diagram of a tooth | chattanooga root canalsDo I Need a Root Canal?

If you have been experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, call our office immediately. You may have an inflamed nerve or bacteria within the canal(s) of the tooth that could require treatment.

  • Severe pain in one or more teeth
  • Pain that is aggravated by chewing or other pressure
  • Pain and sensitivity that is aggravated by hot or cold temperatures
  • Darkening of one or more teeth
  • A “pimple” on the gums
  • Swelling and tenderness in the gums that may radiate to the cheek

Call our office to make an appointment. Root canal therapy may be necessary to get rid of your pain and reduce your stress.