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Why Everyone Needs Regular Dental Cleanings

You don’t see any plaque on your teeth and your gums look pink. You haven’t had a toothache in years, and everything seems fine with your teeth and gums. Do you really need professional dental cleanings in Chattanooga, TN? The answer lies in what you can’t see!

How Tooth Decay Begins

When you eat or drink something that contains sugar or starch, a chemical chain reaction begins on your teeth. As bacteria and food particles combine with your saliva, an enamel-eroding acid forms. Shortly after, plaque settles on your teeth and around your gums.

If not cleaned off with tooth brushing and flossing, this plaque can turn into a harder material called tartar, ...

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Dentures Myths and Facts

an image of various dentures on a white background | dentures east brainerd tn

When you think of dentures, do you remember the time your grandfather coughed at dinner and his dentures came out? Or maybe your great aunt had fake-looking dentures that looked like they belonged in someone else’s mouth. 

Not Your Grandparents’ Dentures

But that was then, and much has changed about the way dentists today approach tooth replacement. While dentures years ago used to be a last resort for missing teeth, today’s denture material is lighter and more comfortable. And the options for customizing them allow Dr. Modi Primesh to design dentures that improve your appearance while replacing lost function. 

Denture Myths and Facts

Myth: Dentures look fake

Fact: Today, skilled technicians use state-of-the-art materials and ...

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Choosing a Comprehensive Dentist in Chattanooga

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At Bridge Dental Care, we know that you have a lot of options when choosing a Chattanooga, TN dentist.  

While there are many dental offices in the area that offer the same or similar dental services to their clients, the genuine passion and love for what we do sets our Bridge Dental Care team apart.

When you are choosing your new Chattanooga dentist, consider Dr. Primesh Modi. Dr. Modi grew up right here in Chattanooga where he received a large amount of dental care early in life. Dr. Modi knew from a young age that he wanted to help people, and he felt that he received a calling to become a dentist. ...

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