Cleanings & Examinations in Chattanooga, TN

a woman smiles in the dental chair | chattanooga dentistSome people may ask is it really important to come in my hygiene appointments.  It absolutely is!  Preventative care is extremely significant because this helps decrease your chances of developing certain dental conditions; such as cavities, gum disease.  We also provide an oral cancer screening exam during your cleaning/exam appointments.  We will discussed in great detail how to maintain your teeth and show you whether through demonstration or videos to help keep those beautiful teeth of yours.  

Providing Your Medical History

Your dental visit is a great opportunity to tell your dentist about any issues or discomfort you’ve been experiencing in your mouth.  We continually update your medical history.  Please bring a list of medications you are taking with your visit.  

Your medical history is very important when we are treating you.  There can be interactions with your health to the treatment we provide for you.  Also, there is a strong systemic link between the health of your mouth and the prevalence of many serious health concerns. For example, periodontitis(gum disease) is associated with heart disease, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and low birth weight in babies born to mothers.


Some dental conditions/diseases may not have symptoms that you are aware of.  The dentist will complete a comprehensive and detailed evaluation of your mouth.  When you come in for your exam, we will examine for tooth decay(cavities), gum disease, and complete a oral cancer exam.  This way, potential problems can be identified in their early stages while they are easily treatable. Your dentist will also check your bite and will administer x-rays or recommend other diagnostic measures.

tooth brush and toothpaste on a table | chattanooga dentistTeeth Cleaning

Your teeth will be completely cleaned. Your dental team will meticulously remove hard-to-reach plaque and calculus deposits.  After the cleaning, your hygienist or dentist will demonstrate how to properly maintain your teeth with certain brushing and flossing techniques.

A thorough teeth cleaning not only helps improve the health of your teeth, but also makes them look great!  Quite often, with your cleaning, it will help enhance your smile because of the removal of the staining of your teeth, which is difficult to remove from just brushing and flossing. 

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