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Chattanooga Sleep Apnea Treatment

January 31, 2022
Posted By: Bridge Dental Care
Brunette man with sleep apnea snores with his mouth open while sleeping on his bed

Obstructive sleep apnea is a harmful sleep disorder that can go undiagnosed for many years. In the meantime, it can cause a variety of problems for patients, from brain fog to irritability to an overall lower quality of life. In severe cases, sleep apnea can even be fatal.

How Is Sleep Apnea Diagnosed?

Scheduling a visit with a sleep doctor will be your best bet for receiving a diagnosis. This involves completing a sleep study, during which data is collected about your breathing and sleeping patterns to determine how many “episodes” occur every hour.

A sleep apnea episode is when the muscles in the back of the throat relax too much during sleep and cause the patient to stop breathing for extended periods of time. Once you receive a diagnosis, you are one step closer to receiving treatment and improving your quality of sleep and life.

Can a Dentist Treat Sleep Apnea?

It may seem odd that the same doctor who takes care of your teeth and gums can also treat a sleep disorder, but dentists who offer sleep apnea treatment must undergo special training to offer sleep apnea solutions for their patients. Our team at Bridge Dental Care creates custom oral appliances that hold the patient’s jaw in a comfortable position during the night to prevent their airways from being blocked, even when their throat muscles relax.

These custom oral appliances are comfortable to wear, easy to travel with, and only take a few seconds to put in before going to bed. Patients are often shocked by how well they sleep and how refreshed they feel during the day once they start wearing their oral appliance every night.

Chattanooga Sleep Apnea Treatment

Looking for a dentist in Chattanooga that offers sleep apnea treatment? Contact our team at Bridge Dental Care today! We will be happy to set up a convenient consultation for you to discuss your needs one-on-one.


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