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Dentures Myths and Facts

December 3, 2018
Posted By: Bridge Dental Care
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When you think of dentures, do you remember the time your grandfather coughed at dinner and his dentures came out? Or maybe your great aunt had fake-looking dentures that looked like they belonged in someone else’s mouth. 

Not Your Grandparents’ Dentures

But that was then, and much has changed about the way dentists today approach tooth replacement. While dentures years ago used to be a last resort for missing teeth, today’s denture material is lighter and more comfortable. And the options for customizing them allow Dr. Modi Primesh to design dentures that improve your appearance while replacing lost function. 

Denture Myths and Facts

Myth: Dentures look fake

Fact: Today, skilled technicians use state-of-the-art materials and techniques to custom-craft your crown. Your skin and eye coloring, the shape of your face, and the positioning of each tooth in the base mimic the variations found in natural teeth.

Myth: Dentures hurt

Fact: Decades ago, the rigid base of dentures caused pain and irritation. Today, dentures are made of a lighter, more pliable material that conforms closely to the contours of your jaw for vastly improved fit and feel.

Myth:  Dentures restrict your diet

Fact: Uncomfortable dentures do make it difficult to enjoy all your favorite foods. However, the custom fit of modern dentures ensures that they fit snugly to minimize movement. We also have the option of pairing them with dental implants for the most stable, secure fit possible.

There is a learning curve with new dentures, and it takes everyone some time to adjust to them. But if you are patient with yourself, eventually you may find that you forget you’re wearing dentures.

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