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How to Prepare for Your Dental Cleaning

October 15, 2022
Posted By: Bridge Dental Care
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In addition to consuming a balanced diet and cleaning your teeth every day at home, keeping up with routine dental cleanings are essential to your oral health! Properly planning for and preparing for your dental appointment can make your visit to the dentist a more comfortable and less stressful experience. Use these techniques to prepare for your next dental cleaning:

Confirm Your Appointment

To keep appointments on track, we contact our scheduled patients to help them remember they have an upcoming appointment. When you get our phone call or voicemail, please confirm or reschedule your appointment.

Brush & Floss Your Teeth

While our team will thoroughly clean your teeth with special dental tools, brushing and flossing before your visit will help us assess how you’re doing with home oral care. This pre-cleaning can also help prevent bacteria transmission and freshen your breath.

Complete Paperwork & Gather Your Payment Information

Please fill out your new patient paperwork online or arrive before your appointment to complete it. Additionally, checking out will be easier if you have your dental insurance card or other payment information all ready.

Bring Questions or Notes

We love educating our patients about good oral health habits and how our dental services can enhance your smile. Please consult with our team if you’re struggling with daily flossing or would like to change how your teeth look. We’re here to answer your questions and help you feel confident in your smile.

Schedule Your Dental Cleaning at Bridge Dental Care!

When was the last time you had a dental cleaning? If it's been longer than six months, we encourage you to contact Bridge Dental Care to schedule a cleaning with our team in Chattanooga, TN. Please bring any questions related to your oral health to your appointment. We would be delighted to see you soon!


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