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Why Do Root Canals Have a Scary Reputation?

July 30, 2022
Posted By: Bridge Dental Care
Illustration of a tooth having a root canal treatment to eliminate an infection

There tends to be a lot of misinformation surrounding root canal therapy. With this blog post, our team hopes clear up some of the confusion and ease your worries in case you need root canal therapy in the future.

Myth #1: Root Canals Are Painful

One of the main reasons patients go pale when they hear that they need a root canal treatment is due to the fear that the procedure will be painful. Patients who have one or more of their teeth that are constantly aching may fear that if the infection is that painful, the treatment must be even worse! However, thanks to modern techniques and anesthesia, root canals are not painful procedures. Plus, they are followed by a relatively quick recovery that can be managed with pain medication, cold compresses, and rest.

Myth #2: Root Canals Ruin Teeth

A root canal involves creating a small hole in the top of a tooth to access the inside of it. From there, the infected dental pulp is removed and the tooth is cleaned out. It is then sealed and finished with a custom tooth-colored crown for support. While you may think this sounds invasive, the truth is that a root canal treatment tends to be the most effective and least invasive option available to preserve a tooth suffering from a severe infection. When the only alternative would be to remove the tooth entirely, we prefer to restore it through root canal therapy.

Myth #3: Root Canals Are Very Expensive

At Bridge Dental Care, we understand that both expected and unexpected dental costs can put a strain on a family’s budget. We can help you find the financing option you need to schedule your treatments as quickly as possible. Our office is insurance-friendly and we strive to maximize your benefits to cover as much of your treatments as possible. We also accept CareCredit® payment plans, which divide your healthcare costs into manageable monthly payments with little to no interest when the contract terms are met.

Gentle Root Canal Treatment in Chattanooga, TN

If you believe you may need root canal therapy due to recent pain, swelling, or a change in tooth or gum color, please contact Bridge Dental Care! One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.


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