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3 Tips to Avoid a Dental Emergency

November 7, 2019
Posted By: Dr. Primesh Modi

Dental emergencies can be stressful, inconvenient, and a little scary. Fortunately, our dental team is skilled at handling just about any dental emergency that arises with the compassion and expertise that will put you at ease. If you want to avoid a dental emergency altogether, following these three steps can help.

  1. Be Sure to Keep Your Regular Dental Appointments

    It can be tempting to skip a routine dental cleaning or exam, especially during the busy times of year during summer break and around the holidays. Your regular dental appointments are not just because we miss you (which we do), but also so that Dr. Modi can examine your teeth and gums regularly. He may identify any emerging issues such as gum disease, decay, or cracked teeth before they become painful and threatening to your smile or overall health.

    For most patients, we recommend visits to our Chattanooga dental office every six months. If you have gum disease or are more prone to dental cavities, we might recommend more frequent visits for treatment and monitoring.
  2. Report Any Changes in Your Dental Health

    As we age, many people tend to ignore small issues and write them off as “normal” aging issues. When it comes to your smile, however, treating problems like decay and gum disease early can mean saving your teeth and your smile. Eating a healthy diet is essential overall wellness, and we are pleased to be your partners in oral health.
    Please let us know if a tooth doesn’t feel right or if you have medical issues, as everything in your body is related.
  3. Protect Your Smile

    Prevention is essential to keeping your teeth for a lifetime. At Bridge Dental Care, we offer sports mouthguards, fluoride application, and sealants as additional protection against the most common dental conditions. Wearing a nightguard for a teeth-grinding habit can also add years to the life of your smile by preventing cracked, worn teeth, and a painful jaw.

Do You Have a Toothache?

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